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Ark Jewellery launches distinctively elegant Pearl Eclipse Collection

Ark Jewellery has unveiled a new limited-edition collection of Pearl Jewellery including 15 unique pieces of earrings, necklaces and rings to mix and match. Mini collections within the range are designed to help customers curate their own assembly of beautiful jewellery.

Inspired by natural, astronomical events. A solar event happens when at just the right moment, the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. Exploring the elements and drama of darkness and light, the memory of the past two years resonates with this experience. Light returns after the eclipse and we look to the future with hope, optimism and positivity.

The new pieces of jewellery are environmentally friendly thanks to the use of recycled silver and ethically sourced pearls and gemstones with sustainable packaging.

Ark Jewellery is owned by Kristina Smith, who studied at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University. Throughout her career, she has focused on sustainability within jewellery making.

All the collections are intended to showcase unusual pearls and precious stones in distinctive settings, using highly polished or oxidised silver, 22ct gold foil, or coloured titanium. Featuring grey, faceted multicoloured peacock, yellow gold south pacific, and white pearls as well as precious stones of Citrine and Amethysts.

Chunky chains are added for a stylish on-trend look.

The full range is available from Ark Jewellery now at


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