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New luxurious and sustainable Christmas Star Collection

Ark Jewellery has revealed a new collection of luxurious and sustainable Christmas Star Collection and Gift range presented in beautiful boxes making them perfect for a growing number of consciously buying customers looking for sustainably sourced and ethically made products and gifting this Christmas. Thoughtful gifts with a personal touch are ready to dispatch to a recipient without the headache and endless product search and research, placing an order and having to wrap the presents.

The Christmas Star Collection and Gift Range feature new pieces of environmentally friendly, festive jewellery and a sumptuous artisan chocolate bar lovingly handcrafted in the United Kingdom.

Delightfully presented in a branded jewellery box paired with a hand-crafted milk chocolate bar full of festive flavour with a warming mix of raisins, cranberries, and shortbread biscuits. Carefully selected limited edition festive jewellery including a choice of star shaped stud or drop earrings or a necklace. The gorgeous jewellery is made of sustainable oak wood decorated with a laser etched pattern and silver disc and finished with organic paint and varnish for a stunning look. A dazzling silver collection using recycled Sterling Silver with the same pattern will also be available in future.

The Christmas Stars Collection is available in sustainable oak wood in a choice of natural, white, or green painted and varnished studs or large drop earrings with silver fittings, or a Star Pendant with a choice of 18” or 20” silver necklaces. A Winter Wonder artisan chocolate bar (100grms) is included in each box with a seasonal greeting card and a personal handwritten message on behalf of the sender.

The boxes will be available to order via the website The Christmas Star Stud gift sets are priced at £60, the necklace is £110.00 and the Drop earrings are £ 130.00.

All packaging is also sustainable, ensuring the minimisation of any carbon footprint created by the production of the jewellery. Laser etching has innovatively been employed to produce the Christmas Stars Jewellery Collection, which has allowed unique patterns to be engraved into the wood or silver, imbuing the pieces with a unique and stunning finish.

Ark Jewellery is owned by Kristina Smith, an artist, designer, and silversmith who studied at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University. Throughout her career, she has focused on sustainability within jewellery making and always tries to use sustainable materials to fashion her creations. Extremely passionate about environmental concerns, Kristina's jewellery and art are intended to inspire and educate as well as have a profound aesthetic value.

An ever-increasing number of customers are looking to purchase ethically made products with sustainable history, packaging being a very important issue due to rising concerns over our habitual impact on the environment. Customers are also concerned about the supply chain being interrupted due to the pandemic and facing limited choices and unpredictable delivery times.

A one stop artisan jeweller for sustainable and ethical jewellery and gifting beautifully made readily available seasonal products and alluring packaging all made locally, for those with limited time on their hands offering a solution for this year’s long-awaited reunion with friends and families at Christmas, avoiding the predictable stress around gifting.


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