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Women in Jewelry Workshop

Make Your Own Jewellery Masterclass
Create a bespoke Ring


The ultimate curated jewellery making experience!

Join us and book our upcoming jewellery Masterclass run by Kristina Smith founder of Ark Jewellery.

Jewellery Making Experience


A fabulous curated jewellery making experience. Create your bespoke, memorable ring to treasure forever and pass it down to generations. Make a personal, special gift to a loved one, presented in a beautiful branded gift box and package.

You will receive a jewellery making kit including all the tools needed as well as one-to-one tutorials within the group and 2 wax rings.


Lost for ideas? Kristina will help you with tips and techniques for creating beautiful patterns and textures. We will cast and polish your ring in recycled silver (or gold at additional cost depending on weight and carat) and send it back to you in a branded gift box and packaging using sustainable materials to delight you or your loved ones.


One to One tutorials are also available. This would be valuable if you are planning on making your wedding ring or want to work with gold. 

Group Bookings for Celebrations, Bridal Parties, and Corporate Events

What could be more fun than getting together with friends for a special occasion such as birthdays or bridal parties to have fun and get creative together? A glass of Prosecco on arrival will ensure an unforgettable day for everyone.

The memories, as well as the jewellery, will always remind you of the special bond you have..

Small group of women with a mixed age ra

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