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                    Arabesque Gold 

The collection was inspired by a visit to a medieval palace on the hilltop in which two cultures once converged. The old palatine city on the Iberian Peninsula continues to amaze visitors with its Moorish architecture, gardens, and its legends.

Walking through the central courtyard with a circular fountain around which all other rooms are connected by arches and engraved stucco panels symbolising a forest of palm trees. Tranquil, peaceful, and calming the entire court is a garden an allegory of paradise.

Carved latticed domed ceilings are softly illuminating the space. The walls are decorated with rich epigraphic, vegetal, and geometric motifs and arabesque details sculpted or depicted on a series of tiles.

Rich natural colours of blue, green, burnt orange, wood, and terracotta. The perception of the motifs, the symmetry of shapes creates an orderly and harmonious impression.

Palm Beach Collection - design inspiration

The palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life originating in the ancient Near East and the Mediterranean world.

Using the latest 3D design and print technology this intricate design is slightly concaved and layered, the pendant features a hidden bail at the back with a  highly polished finish for a visually stunning and unique piece of jewellery.

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