My story so far ...


I was born into an artist’s family. I grew up surrounded by painters and an eccentric actress, absorbing their artistic thoughts and experiences. My story also emanates from the personal paintings and heirlooms that have long been part of my family home, offering their own stories for generations to come.

I was offered a place at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at the London Metropolitan University. It was of course a dream come true. But like many artists, from studying what you love to finding the courage to turn that love into a business took me along a scenic route.

A true entrepreneur at heart, I founded my own recruitment company and coached young people seeking a career change and pushing their passion. This drive focused my own attention on my interests, and in 2019, the Ark Jewellery was born.

From day one, I have used recycled or fair-trade materials. Without a doubt, the jewellery business has a particular reputation and disregard for the planet through mining. As an artist, I believe the passion to create art is not just to make a perfect material to create beauty, but also to educate and raise awareness.

Being intrigued by new technologies and 3D design printing, I explored the boundaries of what we can do that are perceived as precious, mixing unusual materials such as wood and fine metals, incorporating gemstones into designs that are elegantly inspired by the fragility and beauty of nature.

A visit to the Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia, Spain captivated my imagination, and the eternal beauty of the repetitive patterns, colours and tranquillity throughout the palace led me to incorporate these feelings of stillness and eternity into some of my latest collections.

Art without a story is meaningless. But as all good art, my pieces give you room to discover your own emotions, connections and weave them into a story that ultimately makes them part of your life.


Indeed, stories are the essence of our existence. Without them, life becomes meaningless and dull. Each choice, each decision flows us into a particular direction, and the sum of everything that we do ultimately becomes the framework of our life. They form part of what we are as a person and our own journey, shaping of the stories and narratives that we will make in the future.


French artist and Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne once said, something to this effect: A piece of art that did not start with an emotion cannot be considered an art.




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