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The best gifts for your best friend on National Best Friend Day

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Celebrate National Best Friend Day on 8th June with something truly special from Ark Jewellery to show YOUR best friend just how amazing they are.

Best friends are worth their weight in gold – and they’ve shown their mettle in the last year more than maybe ever before. They’ve been at the end of the phone, the end of a video call, the end of our garden. And finally the ban on best-friend hugs is at an end … hugging is real once again.

National Best Friend Day on 8th June is the perfect moment to make a big fuss of your best friend. Tell us all about your BFF so we can pair you up with the gift that means everything.

The girls

You’ve been a crew for ages, supporting, protecting and celebrating your multi-friendships. You share clothes, shoes and memories…why not share jewellery?

The Rock Ring is textured and polished with a contemporary and chunky design. Gift this fabulous ring to your friend. Who is your rock? Wear this ring both and your friendship will be with you wherever you go! Handcrafted in recycled sterling silver each being unique.

The primary-school buddies

You’ve grown up together. Maybe your mums were on the maternity ward together, maybe your eyes locked across the reception classroom, maybe you didn’t really notice each other till year four when, suddenly, the universe put you together and you’ve not been apart since. But what to get them!?

At Ark Jewellery, we reckon you can’t go wrong with a Carnelian Heart Silver Hoop Earrings. Light up her looks with dainty silver hoop earrings and the warmth of orange Carnelian hearts for a pop of pretty colour.

White and black peacock pearls are a timeless addition, and these pair of earrings are a fashion faithful to match with any ensemble for a polished look.

The fierce sister

Your other friends don’t quite get her – and they can’t work out why you’re so close. But you are. She is the fiercest, kindest, most loyal friend out there. She does her own thing, and you adore her for it. On National Best Friend Day, you can tell her, too.

Celebrate her uniqueness, give your fiercest bestie this upbeat Venetian Necklace to make a bold entrance and take no nonsense.

Millefiori is a glasswork technique that produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware using canes.

They’re the conversation starter every dinner party needs – just like her.

The late-night chatter

The night is over, and it’s the two of you there, in the kitchen, just chatting. Again. This is the moment you need to have an engraved whiskey tumbler with whiskey stones and a smooth single malt. It’s the perfect gift for the one who’s there when everyone else has gone home.

Whether you’re together or not as you sip from your engraved tumblers, you’ll think of each other – your best mate – and smile at all the ridiculous fun you’ve had together and plot your future meandering conversations to set the world to rights.

Amber Heart Hoop Earrings are intricately textured by nature with a rich and heart warming orange glow on gold filled hoops.

Dainty white pearls are added to complete the romantic fashion vibe. Beautifully dangles with a stylish and fiery radiance.

The in-it-forever buds

You’re 30 years into your friendship. You know each other better than you know yourselves. You talk for hours and you say nothing, a look, a sound sets you off on another wander down memory lane or a giggling fit that hurts your cheeks.

Celebrate the longevity and constancy of your friendship with Grey/Black Pearl and Silver Ring! Shimmering, stylish, and sophisticated, step out in style with this fabulous cocktail ring in highly polished silver!

The best thing you can give on Best Friend Day is something you’ve given more than anything else over the years: time. Clear your diary, pour a glass of wine or make a cuppa and pick up the phone for a good, long natter. It will make both your souls soar.

The rain-or-shine running partner

Every Friday morning, they’re there. Ready. Summer or winter, rain or shine, and you trot off together, building a profound friendship as the miles drift by under your feet.

In the Present Moment, gift a beautifully handmade Blue Agate Hoop Earring. These gold filled hoops are a modern twist on classic designs – to be always on, always loved. They’re so light, these stunning earrings say, ‘I’m always by your side, however early, through the sweat and into the race’.

Friendship is everything. You are so much greater than just the two of you. There is little as wonderful in this world as knowing that you have someone who will be with you, through thick and thin, never judging, just supporting.

Get in touch with us at Ark Jewellery, we can help you find the perfect jewellery to show your appreciation for everything they are.


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